Why Millennials Should Consider Estate Planning Now

You’re in your prime. You’re healthy. You have more income. You’re having the time of your life. For possibly the first time since leaving the nest, you’re in complete control of all aspects of your professional and personal life. You just received a promotion, you can travel abroad with your family, you treat your parents to nice dinners and you can buy that amazing new trendy accessory. You‘re happy. You’re thriving. You’ve got it covered.

BUT, have you considered all the ‘What If’s’?

Who will take care of my child(ren) if something happens to me as a single parent? What about if something happens to both my spouse and me?

What happens if I become ill or incapacitated, who will make healthcare decisions and financial decisions for me ?

What happens to my estate if I die, today? What happens if I'm traveling abroad and something happens to me?

If you’re abroad, who do you trust to make decisions for your healthcare needs if you become ill? Who do you trust to access accounts if your wallet is stolen and you need money fast?

If you’re single, who would inherit your estate if something happened?

Who has power of attorney if your parents are unable to make decisions? Will your parents have enough money saved up or set aside to take care of them or will you have to supplement their income?

Do you have a will or when was it last updated? Who would be guardian or your children if you died?

Estate Planning is worth considering now. It will save you from having to figure out the ‘What If’s’ during a life crisis such as illness and death. At The Ruffin Firm, our goal is help you make a plan for the future.

Regardless of your marital status or if you have children, everyone needs to consider what happens to you and your estate if the unexpected happens.