Estate Planning and Why It Matters

Your Family is in Your Hands

55% of Americans die without a will or estate plan.

Let that sink in. That means more than half the United States adult population hasn’t planned for their family’s future. Why? Some people say they haven’t had the time or that they have plenty of time to take care of it. But, in reality there’s no perfect time, age or reason to get your estate in order. The Ruffin Firm wants to help you see that there’s no really good reason to put it off until later and wait.

Estate Planning Statistic

Why Create an Estate Plan?

Estate planning is essential for limiting stress, disagreements and confusion when a major event impacts your family and assets. Estate planning gives direction on what to do for:

  • Passing wealth to your loved ones and/or charities;

  • Avoiding unintended consequences of beneficiary designations or real property ownership;

  • Protecting a minor, disabled adult, spouse, and even yourself if you become incapacitated...from potential creditors; 

  • Creating a clear plan

  • Avoiding probate

When Should You Create an Estate Plan?

Generally, whenever there is a big life change such as a birth, death, marriage, divorce, illness, retirement, inheritance or real estate purchase.

Who do You Trust?

Who comes to mind as a person you trust to manage your property if you become incapacitated? Should this person be compensated? Who inherits from your estate and in what amounts and when?

To make sure your wishes are known and met, it’s important to choose the right estate planning tools when you begin the process of getting your estate in order.

Estate Planning Tools

One or more of these estate planning tools should sound familiar. If you are ready to plan for the future, contact The Ruffin Firm and we can help you determine which of our estate planning tools are the best fit for your family.