A Matter of Tough Love | Is it Time to Take the Keys?

The word “love” carries a lot of weight. When you profess it, you’re also supposed to show it. You’re supposed to show it, even if it isn’t always easy. Sometimes you even have to prove it. That’s when tough love and unconditional love come into the picture. This Valentine’s Day, ask yourself if you can be tough when it comes to making the right decision for a loved one’s long-term care.


You may own land that you don’t even know exists. Over time, many heirs discover ownership when a relative dies and their death presents problems that no one wants to solve.

For example, these problems result from the passage of decades when a parent, grandparent and great-grandparent simply “passed” down the family’s home or real property to their children, grandchildren and their descendants…so forth and so on.

The Gift that Doesn't Keep on Giving | The Estate Plan in a Box

It’s the perfect holiday trip a journey to Jerusalem. The couple had been planning to go for years and now it was finally happening. By far, it was looking to be one of their more exciting holiday seasons to date. However, the couple realized that they were about to leave the country without a clear estate plan in place. That’s when they had to make a decision. Do they visit an estate planning website or the local office store to buy a ready-made will? It’s simple enough The ready-made, nicely packaged estate plan in a box might be all they needed; not to mention the affordability and simplicity of it.

The Five Tips Any Single Mother Should Know About Estate Planning

Did you know that women are the head of household for nearly 45% of American homes? Did you also know that the U.S. Census Bureau reported that of 13 million unmarried parents, 80% were women? 

We're not sure about you but that seems like a lot of independent, phenomenal women running the show. Ranging in age, ethnicity, education, and income, these ladies all share at least one commonality. They make decisions for their families every day. What their children eat, what they wear, who they spend time with, where they attend school and who provides medical care.

Why a Will Isn't Always Enough When Dealing With Special Needs

Taking care of a loved one with a disability or special needs can be a daunting task.  The responsibility of creating and maintaining a structured daily routine and careful financial planning takes time and close attention to detail. For the most part, it’s manageable and you feel in control of your loved one’s well-being because you’re there; you’re present.

Medicare, Medicaid and Long-term Care

Understanding government-sponsored programs can be confusing and complex. But, it is also critical to know how they affect you and your loved one’s long-term care needs. While they are separate programs, Medicare and Medicaid both work to provide healthcare coverage. Medicare is a federal program that was designed to assist in long-term care for the elderly, persons 65 and older. It also covers people with certain disabilities.