Why Do I Need a Will?

I have been asked many times “Why do I need a Will?” Many couples and individuals underestimate the importance of estate planning and the necessity of creating wills.  They often think it isn't necessary either due to age, minimum assets, no kids or because they simply consider themselves immortal.  Even if you currently feel indestructible like Luke Cage, Super Man or Wonder Woman, you should seriously begin planning for the future and create a will.

Why Millennials Should Consider Estate Planning Now

You’re in your prime. You’re healthy. You have more income. You’re having the time of your life. For possibly the first time since leaving the nest, you’re in complete control of all aspects of your professional and personal life. You just received a promotion, you can travel abroad with your family, you treat your parents to nice dinners and you can buy that amazing new trendy accessory. You‘re happy. You’re thriving. You’ve got it covered. BUT, have you considered all the ‘What If’s’?